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D80sV: The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger

D80sV: The Police are probably one of the most impressive, both critically and commercially, groups from the 80's. That's pretty good considering they were only together for the first half of the decade. Here's the first of many future Police videos on this site. Enjoy the slow motion effects yet synched to the music, Sting and Andy Summer's constant hopping, all the fun you can have with candles, and the destruction of all the candles at the end of the video.

D80sV: 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday (on Top of the Pops)

D80sV: Yeah, 10cc is borderline 79's-80's, well barely. Dreadlock Holiday was one of their last hits, after the band split in two factions, 10cc and Godley and Creme, who had a US hit with "Cry" (That'll be on on this site soon enough). Although I would have much preferred the video version of this song, as it's quite funny, especially when the guy in the video is "Concentrating on trucking right". Still, nice version. Top of the Pops is just goofy enough to make its imprint on the song. Enjoy the silly Top of the Pops special effects and Graham Gouldman's (lead singer) hair and nice 70's style chesty open shirt.

D80sV: REM - Radio Free Europe

D80sV: Here's REM's first hit, well, semi-hit, Radio Free Europe. This song might be the signature song to start what came to be known as college radio. The video isn't much to talk about but the song is a great debut song, and a great introduction to one of my favorite bands ever! Enjoy everything!

D80sV: The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

D80sV: Here are the Smiths! Yes, that means something to about half of you. If you're English, yes, it means something. If you're into brooding, and appreciate good music, yes, it means something. Here's one of my favorite Smiths songs. The Smiths videos are pretty silly for the most part. I might just stick to live performances after this one. And hey, enjoy the Spanish subtitles. Or could they be Portuguese? I didn't look real close. Enjoy the silly Morrissey dancing and flamboyant behavior, Johnny Marr's great guitar playing, and the rest of the Smiths, who were always underpaid and have since sued Morrissey and Marr, pretty much slamming the door any possible future reunions.

D80sV: The Fixx - Saved By Zero (1984 Live)

D80sV: The Fixx's Saved By Zero is one of my favorite 80's songs of all time. It's not only a catchy song, but reminds me how the threat of nuclear war and the ominous countdown to 0 was ever-present in our minds. Now, of course, it's all hogwash. And thank God, nothing bad will ever happen to us. I couldn't find a good version of the original music video, hopefully this will do for now.

D80sV: The Bangles - September Girls (1986 Live)

D80sV: The Bangles are one of the hottest, most talented girl groups ever. What some casual listeners may not know is all the girls in the band took turns with lead vocals, not just Susannah Hoffs, the little firecracker who sang lead on basically all of the Bangles' singles. In this video, Michael Steele, the bass player, delivers a sultry, soulful performance of one of their album stracks, September Girls. Enjoy the Bangles, all four very beautiful and talented girls, with their decadent 80's styles and heavy makeup, adding up to an irresistible stage presence and sex appeal.

D80sV: INXS - The One Thing

D80sV: Here's one of my favorite INXS songs, The One Thing, off their third album Shabooh Shoobah released in 1982. This song is extremely significant as it might be considered the one to break INXS into the lucrative US market. Enjoy the crazy mix-match 80's clothes styles and haircuts, the slightly relevant but not too relevant video concept of a decadent feast, and how young the bandmates: Hutchence, Fariss, Fariss, Fariss, Pengilly, and Beers are. RIP Michael Hutchence, you are missed and will always be remembered. Get song on Amazon. Get song on iTunes. Get album on Amazon. Get album on iTunes. Or get any song anywhere by trying Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial or iTunes For 90-Day Free Trial. Go to Next D80sV. Go to next D80sV.