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D80sV #66: Loverboy - Working For The Weekend

Daily 80's Video #66: Wow! Here's some quintessential 80's for ya! "Working For The Weekend" has got to be one of there greatest 80's anthems ever! It's impossible to listen to this song and not get a little pumped. Great intro too. Never saw that before. Enjoy the incredible 80's song, the leather, and possibly the dorkiest lead singer ever!

D80sV #65: Janet Jackson - Let's Wait A While

Daily 80's Video #65: It's amazing how a song like this can seem so outdated. I really can't see any of today's artists doing a remake. If they did do it, like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, by "waiting a while" I think they'd mean an hour or so. Am I an old prude? All I know is this song didn't sound so radical in the 80's. Now, it's as outdated as Pat Boone. Enjoy Janet Jackson's rather faint but still effective voice, her shutting her man down when he goes in for the kiss, and her key-chain earring which you can almost hear her saying, "Have you seen my keys?"

D80sV #64: Mike And The Mechanics - Silent Running

Daily 80's Video #64: "Silent Running" is a great not-so-futuristic call to revolution against unknown oppressors. It's in the vein of some of Rush's similar futuristic tales. Going along with the general fear during the 80's of World War III always breaking out, a la Red Dawn. "Silent Running" features one of the most prolific and soulful singers around, Paul Carrack, who also sang hits for Ace in the 70's and Squeeze's biggest hit ever "Tempted". Enjoy Paul Carrack's voice, the movie quality video, and the general sound created by Mike Rutherford's (of Genesis fame) side project, the Mechanics.

D80sV #63: Violent Femmes - Good Feeling (Live)

Daily 80's Video #63: Love the Violent Femmes! Gordon Gano's voice is one of the most distinct voices in rock. And "Good Feeling", though not a hit, is one of my favorite VF song. Please excuse the low quality of this video. Enjoy Brian Richie's incredible bass playing and solo and not to mention magnificent mullet!

D80sV #62: Blondie - The Tide Is High (Solid Gold)

Daily 80's Video #62: Here's Blondie's "The Tide Is High". I would have liked to find a full-band, live version but this was the best I could do. It's sort of an odd performance. It's just Debbie Harry and she doesn't seem to be all there. But then again, it is Solid Gold. And back then, when I was just a kid, even though I thought it was the coolest show ever, Solid Gold must have been the corniest gig there was. You got great exposure, but usually you were just lip-synching to your own track, which must of felt silly, unless of course you're Milli Vanilli. Enjoy Debbie Harry's somewhat lackluster performance, including her uninspired singing and non-challant somebody-kill-me demeanor.