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D80sV #71: Kool And The Gang - Joanna

Daily 80's Video #71: Okay, so this might be the corniest 80's video ever. But give it a second. Cuz that corniness starts to fade away. And next thing you know, you just feel happy. A nice happy positive song. And what's wrong with that? Enjoy the lead singer, who actually isn't Kool (Kool's the bass player) but J.T. Taylor's extreme coolness, Kool's attempt at a black mullet, and the bands somewhat corny grooving to the song. The waitress actually ends up being as coolest person in the video, just like all this song and video's adoration would suggest.

D80sV: Wham - Freedom

Daily 80's Video: Always loved this song. My favorite Wham song. This extended video is quite impressive too, to think what they're doing, playing in communist China, the first western pop group to ever do so. To think, within a year or two, the band would meet its demise, this after making one of the best albums of the 80's the monster selling Make It Big. Enjoy the driving beat of Freedom, the martial arts display, and all the Chinese kids, especially the one at the end giving us a defiant flip of his lips. Get Song. Get Album. Or get any song anywhere by trying Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

D80sV #69: Godley And Creme - Cry

Daily 80's Video #69: I've always loved this song, and the video is mesmerizing. A long time ago, there once was this band named 10cc. 10cc was made up four members: Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Lol Creme, and Kevin Godley. In this band was IMMENSE talent. Then in 1976, there was a disturbance in the force, and the two creative factions split, leaving two bands in its wake: 10cc and Godley And Creme. Enjoy this 80's classic, the revolutionary effects, and try to guess which faces belong to Godley and Creme.

D80sV #68: The Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again

Daily 80's Video #68: When I was a kid, Annie Lennox creeped me out to no end. As a result, I never really watched this video before. Now, as an adult, I think it's quite obvious, Annie Lennox possessed one of the greatest voices of the 80's. That orange crew cut just threw me for a loop back then. Now, I feel much better. Now, I can appreciate this song. Enjoy Annie Lennox's silky voice, Dave Stewart's odd -sort-of-just-being-there way with the camera, and the familiar 80's video conundrum of trying to tell a story with your video without coming off too silly and not quite succeeeding - a la the video camera thing.

D80sV #67: Europe - The Final Countdown

Daily 80's Video #67: Europe's The Final Countdown was quickly a smash hit in America. So quick, my brother didn't even have time to buy the album, instead he recorded the song off the radio over my Cyndi Lauper tape. I remember he told me he didn't mean to. That was funny. He didn't mean to get some Scotch tape, cover the holes on the cassette tape (in order to make the tape recordable) and stick the tape in the radio and wait for Final Countdown to come on? Anyway, enough sharing time. I've had lots of therapy since and I'm feeling much better. Enjoy the great song, the cheerful Europe bandmates, and all their hair!