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D80sV #76: Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Daily 80's Video #76: Okay, so what is this video about? Love this song. Always loved this song. The video, I'm not so sure about. But in a way, it fits. Somehow. This guy is, I guess, an owner of a lonely heart. As a result he has an unfulfilled existence, has hallucinations, severe paranoia and depression. And in the end, the video itself is just a daydream. Enjoy the various animals this guy has crawling on him - the inspiration for Fear Factor, the attempt at 80's video storytelling, and well, the incredible music of Yes.

D80sV #75: Nena - 99 Luftballoons

Daily 80's Video #75: Man, always loved this song. From a little tike and on. And yet, never really knew what the song was about. Silliness. It could have something to do with being in German. Now that I've watched the video with the English subtitles I finally get it. Only took me 30 years. An anti-war song about all the tension in the world, particularly Germany, between East and West Germany, during the 80's, and the constant threat of war, where 99 balloons, mistaken for some sort of attack, could even set a chain reaction of war and destruction. Enjoy Nena's lead singer Gabriele Kerner who looks a lot prettier than I remember, perhaps even as pretty as the keyboard player, Uwe Fahrenkrog-Peterson, who really mugs it up for the camera, sporting twice the makeup and twice the attitude as anybody else involved.

D80sV #74: Robert Palmer - Looking For Clues

Daily 80's Video #74: I'm loving me some Robert Palmer! Always dug his voice and he put out some of the funkiest stuff in the 80's and "Looking For Clues" is certainly that. I've never seen this video. Let me tell you, it's creeping me out a little. Enjoy Robert Palmer's soulful voice, the driving beat, and of course all the animals who surprisingly good dancers for a bunch of animals. I think it was a good decision to replace the animal people with the clonish women in future Robert Palmer videos. Something tells me Robert Palmer's future videos wouldn't have gone over quite as well if he hadn't.

D80sV #73: The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Daily 80's Video #73: After Lionel Richie, I had to find something a little more to my current taste. Here's The Smiths' "Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before" off their final studio album Strangeways Here We Come. Generally, the Smiths videos are rather insignificant, leaning heavily on their music, which is easily some of the best music from the 80's. Unfortunately, their music wasn't very well known in America. We were to busy watching Lionel Richie running through the night. Enjoy all the Morrisseys, Johnny Marr's stellar guitar playing and Andy Rourke's under-rated bass playing.

D80sV #72: Lionel Richie - Running With The Night

Daily 80's Video #72: Apart from maybe Michael Jackson, you couldn't find a bigger star, and prolific hit maker than Lionel Richie during the early 80's. "Running With The Night" was off his monster-selling, aptly titled album Can't Slow Down. Who knew that the hits that seemed to come so easily for him in the late 70's and early 80's would soon dry up. Enjoy the demonstrative acting by the actors/dancers in this video, especially Lionel Richie himself, who seems anything but cool throughout this video.