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D80sV: Peter Gabriel (with Kate Bush) - Don't Give Up

Daily 80's Video: This has song has always been a huge inspiration to me. Especially at the bridge, which begins with Kate Bush singing "Rest your head, you worry too much, it's gonna be all right..." Then Peter Gabriel comes in with a crescendo like delivery, "Got to walk out of here, I can't take anymore..." Powerful! This video comes off a tad corny, but it's directed by those quirky quirksters, Godley & Creme, 1/2 of 10cc, who are no strangers to quirky. Buy Song. Buy Album.

D80sV: Nick Lowe - Half A Boy And Half A Man

Daily 80's Video: Here's an extremely fun song and video from 1984 rock/songwriting extraordinaire Nick Lowe. There's so much going on in this video it's almost manic. Kinda like the tempo of the song. And did you happen to see who's playing keyboard? Paul Carrack, formerly of Squeeze and Mike and the Mechanics. Carrack is an incredible singer in his own right, lending his voice to Squeeze's biggest hit "Tempted" and the Mike and the Mechanic's "In The Living Years." Buy Song. Buy Album