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D80sV #12: The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Daily 80's Video #12: Here are the Smiths! Yes, that means something to about half of you. If you're English, yes, it means something. If you're into brooding, and appreciate good music, yes, it means something. Here's one of my favorite Smiths songs. The Smiths videos are pretty silly for the most part. I might just stick to live performances after this one. And hey, enjoy the Spanish subtitles. Or could they be Portuguese? I didn't look real close. Enjoy the silly Morrissey dancing and flamboyant behavior, Johnny Marr's great guitar playing, and the rest of the Smiths, who were always underpaid and have since sued Morrissey and Marr, pretty much slamming the door any possible future reunions. Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV. 

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