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D80sV #21: Duran Duran - Wild Boys

Daily 80's Video #21: Duran Duran's Wild Boys is a must-see 80's video. Duran Duran were possibly the most popular band of the 80's, and Wild Boys was their most ambitious video. There's about a million things going on in this video. None of it I quite understand. But who cares, during the 80's this was the coolest. Enjoy the Mad Max-type outfits the band members are wearing, the incredible Rubik's Cube caliber confusion in the video's "plot", the weird dancers (who kind of scared me when I was a kid but now annoy me more than anything else, cuz, well, they're just dancers), the shots from Barbarella (where Duran Duran got their name), John Taylor being tied up and forced to look at pictures of his two favorite things: himself and girls, and the windmill that during the video shoot allegedly stopped with Simon Lebon's head submerged in the water and nearly killed him, and lastly the unforgettable sounds of the 80's! Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV.

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