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D80sV #25: Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter

Daily 80's Video #25: Tears For Fears were one of the 80's greatest groups. Tons of great songs. Here's one of their hits off their first album The Hurting. The Hurting didn't really do much in America. I didn't discover it until 1990 when I got Tears For Fears greatist hits album, Tears Roll Down, which had three songs from The Hurting, "Pale Shelter", "Mad World", and "Change". Since then, cult movies like Donnie Darko have resurrected these older Tears For Fears songs, especially "Mad World". Enjoy the wild 80's haircuts and style, the driving-almost disco bassline, and the bizarre video concept. Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV.

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