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D80sV #6: Mathew Wilder - Nobody's Gonna Break My Stride (On Solid Gold)

Daily 80's Video #6: Okay, in retrospect, this may be the dorkiest 3 minutes in all of the 80's. But the song popped into my head and so I'm sticking with it. In actuality, during the 80's, when you were in the midst of sheer 80's-ness, this song was actually cool, this show (Solid Gold) was actually cool, and those crazy clothes were actually cool. Then again, I've never been one to have his finger on the pulse of coolness. Enjoy the 80's synth groove, Mathew Wilder (who might be the possible lovechild of Michael Jeter and Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter), and white people dancing. Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV. 

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