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D80sV #95: Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face

Daily 80's Video #95: It's so funny watching Billy Idol now. When I was a kid I thought he was so scary. Now, with his incessant sneering and posturing he just seems like a mental patient with anger issues. Nothing a little shock treatment wouldn't fix, which reminds me of the David Lee Roth video when the Idol impersonator gets, well, shocked. That's gotta be the next daily 80's video! Enjoy Idols' desperate attempt at appearing like a bad ass, his on-the-floor punch dancing, his Aqua-Net-laden backup singers, and Idol's lone tie to actual bad ass-ness, Steve Stevens on guitar. Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV. 

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