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D80sV #114: They Live/South Park Fight Scene Mashup

Daily 80's Video #114: Sure, They Live, the 1988 John Carpenter Film, doesn't exactly stand up today, at least not technically speaking, due to pacing and effects, but in almost every other way, it still totally works. At the time, the film was awesome, utilizing the talents of WWF wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, who was definitely one of the most intriguing and wittiest WWF wrestlers of his era, winning us over with his brains and brawn, showcased here in this pivotal scene from the film, one of the most epic fight scenes of all-time. And the folks from South Park certainly agreed, as they chose to model a fight scene between two of their characters, Timmy and Jimmy. Here is a nifty move-by-move mashup. Enjoy! Get some D80sV merch. Or maybe curl up with a good ebook. Go to next D80sV. 

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