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D80sV #46: Prince - Little Red Corvett (Covered By Viktor Cepeda)

Daily 80's Video #46: All right, Prince. Here's my little protest. You seriously need to release your music to Youtube. If you want, make your own channel. You can still make tons of money doing this. There's a whole new generation of music listeners that peruse youtube every day that would love to hear your voice. Your art. Right now, all they hear is you grabbing at your purse strings and stomping off. In the mean time, everybody enjoy this groovin' cover of the Prince classic, "Little Red Corvette".

1 comment:

mtd said...

Wow, that didn't take long. Just posted this video a day ago and Prince and the Powers That Be already took it down. Prince, you are a little purple dingus. Grab those purse-strings!