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D80sV #49: Klymaxx - I Miss You

Daily 80's Video #49: Man I loved this song during the 80's. Even though I wasn't really sure who did it. I didn't even know if it was boy or a girl singing. I didn't even know Pop Rocks and soda could kill me like Mikey. Later on, well after the 80's, I had to find out who did this song. The internet can be a wonderful thing. I watched the video about ten years ago finally, after all this time, learned for certain, or at least I think, that the singer was indeed a woman. Enjoy the beautiful song, the big hair, the cheesy pantomime waving and such during the video. In all seriousness, this is one of the best 80's songs, period.

D80sV #48: New Edition - Cool It Now

Daily 80's Video #48: Oh yeah, cool it now! Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike! And of course Ralph Tresvant, with that unforgettable voice. I don't even know how to describe it. Maybe helium-induced. This has gotta be one of my favorite 80's songs/videos of all-time. So fun, young, and innocent. Before they grew up and went their separate ways, preaching about never trusting a girl with a big butt and a smile or worse, making it their mission in life to utterly defile and destroy pop-icon Whitney Houston. Enjoy the cool digs, Ralph Tresvant's baby mullet, and the strange awkward rap interludes.

D80sV: John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurt So Good

D80sV: Okay, so I said to myself, "Hey Self, we've had 46 Daily 80's Videos and not one of them was a John Cougar Mellencamp video. That's silly. John Cougar Mellencamp got MUCH play during the 80's. So I grabbed the first one I saw on Youtube, "Hurt So Good", a video I apparently don't remember very well, or didn't understand when I was a kid. Mellencamp's got tan chaps on, there's bikers galore and two girls in fishnet stockings. The only part I do remember was when Mellencamp has his arms around the bikers and is singing for the camera. Cool back then. A little cheesy now. Enjoy the white people dancing - there's tons of it and very funny looking, the dancers who look like Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and one of the bikers who looks like the bounty hunter biker guy from Raising Arizona.

D80sV #46: Prince - Little Red Corvett (Covered By Viktor Cepeda)

Daily 80's Video #46: All right, Prince. Here's my little protest. You seriously need to release your music to Youtube. If you want, make your own channel. You can still make tons of money doing this. There's a whole new generation of music listeners that peruse youtube every day that would love to hear your voice. Your art. Right now, all they hear is you grabbing at your purse strings and stomping off. In the mean time, everybody enjoy this groovin' cover of the Prince classic, "Little Red Corvette".

D80sV #45: Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

Daily 80's Video #45: Okay, so this isn't exactly an 80's video. Ah, it's close. 1977. Anyway, after playing Genesis, well, I just gotta play Peter Gabriel. I've always enjoyed this song and never saw the video before. Enjoy the music.

D80sV #44: Genesis - Land Of Confusion

Daily 80's Video #44: Land of Confusion is a stellar video from the 80's, capturing so much nostalgia and from the decade. The video features puppets from the UK sketch comedy show "Spitting Image". The result is an incredibly hilarious time-capsule from the 80's and the thoughts and worries about the political climate of that decade. Enjoy all the hilarious and sometimes hideous puppets caricatures of celebrities from the 80's, the band shots with the on-again off-again secondary Phil Collins puppet drumming away, the reference to 2001, as well as all the hilarious interaction of the puppets (ie, keyboardist Tony Banks eating a tongue sandwich).